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Steele Trap


Steele Trap: A Richard Steele Novel

Criminals the law can’t seem to mete out justice to become the targets of former Marine sniper Richard Steele. Finding these targets over the last fifteen years has been the mission of his former Marine Corps Commanding Officer. Together they make some of the country’s worst criminals pay for their transgressions. Trouble starts when Steele discovers his efforts may be funding an organization that will do more harm to the United States than all the men he has eliminated. To make matters even worse, Steele pops up on the Department of Homeland Security’s radar. He is tracked and eventually found by Agent Lewis Preston of the DHS Office of Special Investigations. Through a series unexpected events Agent Preston and Richard Steele find their goals intersect. Whether they can survive each other and protect the United States from multiple terrorist attacks will test each man’s skill and determination. Add to the mix Cynthia Simmons the attractive but hardnosed Section Chief for the OSI and you have nonstop suspense. The plot twists and turns with all of them having to put their lives on the line.

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