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And So It Begins

Well, Steele Trap is on the market. In a away it’s a relief getting the first one out there. The publisher has been a huge help and patient with all the questions I have asked and there have been a ton of them. This has been an interesting experience regardless of how many ever get sold.

This first book lays the foundation for the next four. Steele Away, Steele Armor, Steele Valor and Steele Judgement are all written and in various degrees of the editing process. The sixth book is 30% done. That one is titled Power of Steele. The second book, Steele Away will be out in October.

After that book is released i am going to take whatever comments I have received from the readers and incorporate any that will improve the story. If anyone has any suggestions as to the characters or their development I assure you they will be given their due. I like the interaction.

I hope you enjoy the first one.


E. J. Robb